Multi-Flex League

Hey everyone;
I’m drafting in an 8-team league this week; 4-pt QB TD, 1/2-pt PPR. Because it’s only 8 teams, we’re going to have FOUR Flex spots:
1 QB or W/R/T; and
3 W/R/T
My thought here is that I should lean heavily into RBs early, grab the good (but not great) WRs in mid-later rounds, but try to get 2 decent late QBs in case they out-perform some of the WR/RBs.
(In some sense, not much change to my typical RB-heavy approach, except to make sure to get a 2d QB, which I don’t always do.)
Happy to hear your input!

If it’s 8 team league and you have a chance to put in 2QBs… I would go Mahomes, Lamar Jackson first two… but that’s just me… lol you can def find value WRs late so you would need to go RB RB but… I thinj it may be worth it… try it in a mock