Multi player trade help

I would be sending Conner/Bell/Newton/Keenan Allen or John Brown for Mixon/Tevin Coleman/Matt Ryan/Davante Adams. He is tossing in Russell Wilson as a QB for the Ryan bye.

Non ppr

Current lineup.
John brown
Vance McDonald.


Your opinions are appreciated. Hard for me to let go of the Pitt backfield but Michel really messed up my bye week coverage

I would do this trade in a second. Here’s my opinion:

Bell and Conner are basically 1 player right now. Even if they end up splitting time this year, aren’t ever going to have huge simultaneous value.

Newton and Allen are both fine pieces but I think Matt Ryan and (especially) Davante Adams are upgrades.

And Coleman and Mixon are both RB1s in potent offenses.

You would easily win this trade in my opinion.

I think a big part of it for me is I traded for Conner and Bell, haven’t been able to play them yet. Which shouldn’t matter. However, it would help tremendously during my bye weeks now that Michel has got hurt.

Conner/Bell are nice pieces to have for sure. But in my mind Mixon isn’t far behind plus you’d be getting depth at Coleman. And like in my last post Adams > Allen and I still like Ryan > Newton, but the margin is a little closer on that one.

Yeah Newton has such a good floor. I really don’t want to play him this week against the Ravens. He has went in to half for me twice though with 2-4 points and finished with 20+ he’s got a nice playoff schedule. But you have to get there first.