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Multi team trade........need help fast please and thanks


12 team non ppr 3wr/2rb no flex

1st team:
I am offered Leveon Bell
i give OBJ and Buck Allen

2nd team:
I am offered Julio Jones and Jamaal Charles
i give Gurley and Watkins

my team now:
OBJ, Diggs, Watkins…on bench Kelvin Benjamin, Amendola
Gurley, Delvin Cook…on bench Hyde, Buck Allen, Smallwood, Gore

after trades:
Julio, Diggs, Kelvin Benj…on bench amendola, jordan matthews
Leveon, Delvin cook…on bench hyde, smallwood, gore, jamaal charles

what team you like better? was thinking i could move hyde for a good WR like kenan allen after the trade

thanks for input


I like the trades, just on the second try to give Mathews instead of Watkins so you get more value


tried that, he wouldnt budge off of watkins…like i said i think i can move hyde for i true high end wr2


I think your team is good either way, I think after the trade you have more star power and more upside but it’s really your call. I don’t love Charles and don’t see what others have seen from him this year, if you could get someone with a little more consistency with Julio def go for it. I think you’ll be good either way


Like the trades… your starting team looks better after them. And your bench would still be pretty trustable


I like it, I think Matthews gets going a little on, and hey when you trade and end up with bell and Julio, you did good.


I like the post trade team alot more because you increase your ceiling but dont lose much if any floor.


I like both trades Watkins and gurley have tough schedule after this week against Dallas. And like Felixss said when you end up with Julio and Bell you did good.


I’d do this. Improves your team. Just make sure you run through the bye weeks and that you’re decently covered for them.


Definitely do it, and like you said move Hyde for a better wr and you’re set.