Multi trade advice

Hey guys, I’ve just been considering a few trade offers and was hoping for thoughts and feedback. My league is a 10 team superflex full ppr league and has a pretty big spread on the activeness and competitiveness of owners.

My roster
QB: Newton, brees

RB: gurley, mixon, Bell, Ingram, clement, Jones (trying to drop Rojo for Mack this week)

WR: D. Adams, A. Brown, Tyler Boyd, cooper kupp, josh Gordon, crowder
(Just traded fournette and green to the yeldon owner for brown, you can give your thoughts on that too)

TE: kittle

I’ve been considering trying to trade bell to the Conner owner for an upgrade somewhere, or packaging him with another starter to try and get another workhorse RB. Any thoughts? I probably fall on the side of overactive on waivers and especially trades, so feel free to let me know who you’d target and who you’d package! Thanks!

Everyone seems to @ you so feel free to take a look :joy:

This team is filthy. I don’t really think any more moves are necessary.


Yeah how is this a 10-team league lol. Sit on that roster unless/until injuries happen

First of all, jesus christ your squad is stacked. You have like 4 top 10 players, 5 once bell returns. Not sure how you swung that. Green + Fournette for AB is pretty even exchange but given your depth, I think you made out benefiting your team.

To be quite honest, I don’t see any weaknesses with your current team. You have 2 of the top 5-6 players at every single position. I don’t see a huge need to make a trade. Maybe you can go out and get Kamara by offering like Ingram+ or maybe you can upgrade your WR3 position but I really don’t see many weaknesses to your roster. If you still want to improve/prepare though, here are the following areas I would recommend you consider:

  1. QBs. Not sure what your scoring format is though so harder to comment but unless its a 4 pt passing and 6 pt rushing format. I personally don’t love Cam that much in superflex cause he’s very up and down. But if you get 6 pt rushing vs 4 pt passing, then Cam’s value goes up. And brees is also spotty in away games. So you don’t have a QB that is a super high floor high ceiling. Maybe you can try and get Mahomes but prices are pretty high for him. But if the team needs an RB, you could package like Ingram + Brees or Ingram + Cam and get him and I think that would be worth it. Rodgers is another target. Despite his injury, I still think he has a good shot at finishing at or near the top by seasons end. I bet you could do Brees + very little and land rodgers right now.

  2. You could potentially upgrade your TE slot. Gronk is a buy low for me still despite what most people think. He is just too damn good to pass up and honestly, probably won’t cost you much by way of an upgrade. You could probably give up very little and get him.

  3. lastly, you have so much depth at both WR and RB. I would recommend trading some of that depth for QB. In a SF format, I ALWAYS try and roster 3 QBs. If for nothing else, to at least hold as insurance and bye week fillers. Not playing a QB in a bye week is killer. Although you’ve already had your bye week for both your QBs so you won’t have that issue. But even still, you want insurance there and someone you can slot in for matchup based plays. And at the bare minimum, they will be a very good trade piece. Like with RBs in normal leagues, there are ALWAYS QB needy teams in superflex. So having QBs is one of the best trade commodities. Potential guys you can acquire for pretty cheap but have a lot of value would be guys like Dalton (great matchups), Baker (great matchups) and Wilson. I think Wilson will still finish top 6 and be elite by seasons end. He’s got good matchups coming up which will allow him to do that and is an excellent buy low I am targeting myself in SF formats.

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Haha believe it or not I’m barely in the playoffs right now… 4-2 as the highest scoring team in my league. I’m not worried because my squads awesome, but it’s still annoying! It is a 4 pt passing/6pt rushing TD league, which is why I’m still holding cam

I’ve tried for gronk, trust me, unfortunately he’s held by the top team in my league so he’s not very susceptible to trades…

As for how I swung it, I’m still not sure :joy: the only players I drafted that I still have are Adams, gurley, Ingram, and brees. The rest were trades/waivers (I’ve made 11 trades so far this season) taking advantage of bell and mixon’s situations through the season, and selling Conner last week.

I wouldn’t really worry about record. If you’re the highest scoring team, that’s what matters. All you need is to string together a couple winning weeks, which your roster is more than capable of doing, and you’ll leap the leader boards. Exact same thing happened to me. I scored either #1 or #2 score every single week in one of my main leagues. But I started the season 1-2 and was ranked like 2nd last. But then i put together 3 back to back winning weeks scoring the highest in the league again and now i’m first. As long as you’re scoring high, that’s what I focus on early in the season.

I hear you. If i was top ranked and I had gronk who has struggled until now, no way I would trade him. I think he is a potential winner for ROS. If that’s the case, just stick to what you have. Kittle is a more than fine weekly starter in my eyes. OJ Howard is another good one but I have those guys back to back so no need to trade for them.

Well done man. You put together a killer squad. I’m an active trader myself, I think i’ve done like 7-8 of the total 16 trades in my league along with like 15-20 waiver moves. Never stick to your drafted team if new information presents itself. Important to be flexible.

I’d say only thing you could do now is maybe get some QB depth. Just so you don’t end up in a scenario where one of your QBs gets hurt, and then everyone in the league charges you absurd prices to get a replacement. That happened to a guy in my league. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Trying one last time for gronk, starting with kittle+clement to see what he says

Also part of the reason I haven’t traded for/retained another QB is because my league mates really overvalue them, a couple were holding onto 4 and wouldn’t trade them except for low RB/WR 2s ( that was for the average performers)

This is not going to get it done. For someone in 1st, he has very little use for someone like clement. Need to find a need they have and try and address it. Frankly, having an elite TE in a 10 man league, is much more valuable than a 12 team league. If i was in your position, I woud be willing to give up Kittle + Someone like Boyd/kupp for Gronk.

Would also be willing to give him Ingram + Kittle for Gronk if I was being honest but given how high the perceived value of ingram is right now, you could likely get back a piece in that transaction. Someone like Jones/Kerryon.

I agree, probably. He’s likely the most competitive owner (behind me) in the league and just took his first loss this week (by a gigantic margin). I’m mostly testing the waters with this one to see how much frustration it caused.

Unrelated questions:
Do you think both josh Gordon and gronk can both get fed?

Theoretically what would you be willing to trade bell for? Considering something like kittle and bell for Kelce and Michel…

You seem to be pretty low on Ingram going forward… I’m not dumb, I watched that first game and know it was a perfect game script for him, but do you really think he won’t be a RB2 ROS? I just think the saints want to slow it down a bit more than they did in the first 4 weeks

As someone who frequently gets lowball offers, I can tell you that this “testing the waters” approach doesn’t yield your desired results when engaging with anyone who is remotely competitive or knows what they are doing in fantasy. It just pisses them off or insults them and probably closes that trade channel.

Yes. Gordon is good for gronk. Takes away the triple/double teams that he faces on every snap.

This is a pretty even exchange. I am the resident michel truther. Had him as my #2 guy after barkley since the NFL draft. Fact of the matter is, Bell is way better but Michel is producing for you every week right now. As far as I’m concerned, he is a low end RB1 ROS and I got him in the 6th-8th rounds. I expect a lot of championship rosters to have Michel on them this year.

I have not been high on ingram since the offseason. If you look at the last 1/4 or 1/3 of the season + Playoffs, it was very clear who the go to guy was. It’s Kamara, not ingram. Ingram finished as an RB1 last season but 60-70% of that production came in the first half of the year when he was getting like 20 carries and 3-4 targets a game. He never reached those heights again and I don’t expect him to do that too many times going forward. I do think he’s at least an RB2 ROS though.

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That’s fair, this particular owner is my best friend and we’re in direct contact every day

Who would you offer +Ingram for kamara this week?

Also he steamrolled me last year in the playoffs with gurley last year (I’m not bitter you are)

Sounds like you know your league much better than I do, which is evident given how good of a team you’ve built. I know there’s definitely been some tilt on Kamara last week and most people will just read box scores and think Ingram is taking over. If the person knows what he’s doing, he’s not selling kamara for anything less than top 4 RB value. So that is probably your benchmark. If they’re tilting, then you can get creative. Hard to say what to offer without knowing the team but you should just try and identify what holes they have in their roster.

If you could give up Bell + Ingram for example for Kamara, I’d do that in a heart beat. Kamara bye is over and you’d be rolling out mixon/gurley/kamara as your RBs with AB/Adams as WRs. Barring tragedy, that team is probably like 70/30 favored to win every week. Just depends on how much the kamara owner knows or understands. If they need WRs, then maybe start with Ingram + Gordon or Ingram + Boyd. No chance I would say yes to that as a kamara owner but you never know these days. I’ve seen some wild stuff go down.

EDIT: I know some people might read the ingram + bell offer and think you’re giving up too much (i would disagree) but even if you are losing in the trade a bit, that’s totally fine. My philosophy is its fine to lose in the trade every once in a while as long as it makes your team better. People that are out there looking to win on every single trades probably aren’t taking the necessary risks to play to win.

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who Do you prefer ROS, Gordon or Boyd? Tough for me to be unbiased, I have a soft spot for Boyd because he’s saved me a couple weeks already…

Tough call for me cause I am a pats fan and flash is one of my favorite players. Taking bias out of it though, from a fantasy perspective, Boyd is the much smarter play. #2 guy getting 2nd rate coverage which he has proven he can consistently beat.

As good as Gordon is, he is still taking time to gel with that offense. Now by play off time, it wouldn’t shock me at all if Gordon is a stud and outproducing everyone. But theres a risk to that and Boyd is going ot producing for you then as well and everything in between. Especially with these 2 matchups coming up, love boyd as a WR3 play which is where he would be for you given you have Adams and AB. Actually, I guess Boyd is probably your WR1 this week with AB/Adams on bye. Given that, I would definitely stick with Boyd.

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He’s thinking about kittle and Gordon for gronk. Still tough because I love flash, but I think it’s the right move

Anytime you offer gordon in a trade, people will always be intrigued cause everyone has seen his upside, and people love chasing that upside regardless of their team comp. For some people, like your case, you don’t really need to take that risk. Better to have solid producers. I’d make that trade every day of the week.

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Just got rodgers for Brees and clement. Still waiting on the kittle and Gordon for gronk trade, but happy so far, just accepted I’ll likely lose this week😂