Multiple Pending Trade Offers

Hi all,

10 team PPR at 4-3 and projected 5 seed out of 6 to make the playoffs, 2 games up on th 5 people tied for the 6 seed to get that out of the way.

My current line up is:

QB: Tyrod
RB: Doug Martin, Buck Allen
WR: Crabtree, Doug Baldwin
TE: Ertz
Flex: Diggs, if he plays
Def: Seattle
K: Lutz

RB: Crowell, Duke Johnson, Blow Pow, Marlon Mack
WR: Snead, Larry Fitz
QB: Luck (almost droppable?)
IR: David Johnson

I have 2 trade offers:

Trade 1: I give Doug Martin and Larry Fitzgerald for Fournette. I’m also playing this team this week so I’m giving them a free RB to beat me with.

Trade 2: Someone offered me Jay Ajayi and Sterling Shepard for Duke Johnson and Doug Baldwin.

Which one do I take? 1? 2? Both? None?

I lose a lot in the WR department if I do both, thoughts?