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Multiple Trade Talks: Help!

So my trade deadline has not happened yet. Been visiting with a few other owners, talking trades, and wondering if I should pursue any of these initial conversation offers? None would leave me short in any position. And I wouldn’t be trading my top RB (CMC) or WR (Julio).

Trade 1
Trade Away:
J. Conner, John Brown

Trade 2
Trade Away:
Golladay, Bell
Conner, Brown, Sanu

Trade 3
Trade Away:
Bell, Golladay
Ingram, Godwin

Trade 4
Trade Away:
Golladay, Kirk, Bell
J. Jacobs, G. Tate

Any thoughts with any of these trades?

I like trade 4 but not golladay and Kirk. Also trade 2 with getting wr and rb back in the trade.


I’ve been leaning 2. I like Conners remaining schedule, Brown is guaranteed targets. Sanu is just nice upside for a flex. Just not sure how long Stafford is out, and doubt golladay does much without him. Bell plays for the Jets and Adam Gase. That’s enough to scare me. Lol.