Multiple Trades:Need Opinions

I give:
Amari Cooper
Antonio Gibson

I receive:
Carson Wentz
Tee Higgins

Current Team:
QBs: Stafford, Newton
RBs: Cook, CEH, Gibson, Bell, Coleman
WRs: Golladay, Ridley, Moore, Cooper, Diontae Johnson, Shepard
TE: Fant, Burton

1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex 1TE
Full PPR

Okay, so new development. Guy in our league is worrying about A. Jones status this week. He has a few players also out due to injury/bye. Him and I are talking, and here is the unproposed proposal.

I give:
Amari Cooper

I receive:
Aaron Jones (who hasn’t practiced this week)
Terry McLaurin (who is on bye)

Here’s the kicker: he’s my opponent this week. So this trade could cause me to lose, but I’m thinking further in the season. I’m currently in 4th place in our 10 team league, with a 2 game lead over the 7th place team (top 6 make playoffs).


Okay so your first trade was hot garbage. Like, really bad. Even without Dak Cooper falls to at most a WR2 role, and Gibson is getting better,not worse each week and is a pretty comfortable rb2/Flex.

Wentz is barely an upgrade over stafford, he’s been on a bit of a hot streak but his weapons are absolutely piss poor, they’ll likely finish right around the same area with Wentz having slightly more upside than Stafford. And Higgins, while exciting, is one of 3 receivers getting targets on a bad team, albeit a pretty good QB, he’s way too boom/bust for my liking, especially for the price.

The second trade however, is much more palatable. Mclaurin is a solid WR2 with WR1 upside, and Jones is a straight up RB1 just temporarily hurt. If you truly think you can survive a loss this week, i would do it knowing that i was building myself for playoffs. And both Jones and Mclaurin will have had there BYE’s after this week so you can set them and forget them ROS.

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That first trade is absolutely awful. I would take the second trade though.

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I 100% agree with @jtess72. If you think taking the loss this week won’t affect your standing drastically i definitely accept trade 2. No more byes to worry about and clearly the the best players in the trade. You’ll be loaded at every position ROS.

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