Multpile trades with deadline coming

Half ppr redraft league.
My team
Qb: Brady
Rbs: Cook, Jones, Gibson, Monty, J williams and Mattison
Wrs: Keenan Allen, Golladay, Chark, Deebo and AB

Trade 1:
Got offered Godwin and Hollywood for Monty.
I’m thinking of rejecting it

Trade 2:
I offer Dalvin Cook + AB (or Chark ) for Derrick Henry + Evan.
Is it too low of an offer ? Should I keep the best rb in fantasy right now even though his playoffs are awful? Henry’s playoff matchups are as good as they can be.

Trade 3:
I offer Cook + AB + Chark for Henry + Allen Robinson

Trade 4:
I offer AB + Chark for Michael Thomas
Too little for Thomas? I know the owner is fed up with him but don’t really know his value and what to offer

Thanks in advance!

Welp, someone just traded Metcalf for Henry, so… what are your thoughts on trades 1 and 4

Bumping for advice! Please help

4 I think isn’t enough. Michael Thomas would begin at golladay plus for me and even then if I was Thomas owner I’d be a bit underwhelmed

1 I’m interested in. Not so much on Hollywood as I’d like a more consistent option. But monty getting Godwin plus is something I’m discussing in more detail. I’d then be quite keen to use Godwin and Golladay towards Thomas and a lesser piece.

After some trade talks with the Godwin owner, I realized I could maybe go after Kelce. I offered Andrews and Gibson (or Monty) for him. He is thinking about it. Should I add some other pieces and try to get Godwin too? He is rb need and needs to win now. Maybe offer Andrews + Gibson + AB + Chark for Kelce and Godwin.