Murray, Coleman or Kerryon - Safe to Drop for WR need?

Okay roster is below, i need some WR help. Now that we’ve seen Cook take a decent workload is it safe to drop Murray? Also based on need do i drop Coleman as well (freeman owner not trading) later in the week when Freeman’s status is know?
12 team standard league
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Kerryon, Coleman, Murray
WRs - Baldwin, Hogan, Gordon, Davis
TE - Reed
K/DST - Prater / Saints atm

Pick ups: Have a request in for Allison, failing that the options are John Brown, Mike Williams, Ryan Grant, Marshall, Pettis, Ross, Sutton, Cole. Advice appreicted, which 1 or 2 woudl you get and how would you rank?

Bump. Any thoughts/takes would be appreciated

get john brown, drop murray, keep coleman as i think hes the better back when healthy anyways even if that isnt the popular opinion. try and trade mixon for a WR1. Mixon WILL NOT produce that type of game again this year. they played one of the worst defenses in the league in the colts. gordon, fournette, and cook should be enough for you at rb for the year anyways.

I assume that’s Latavius and this is redraft?

Assuming that’s accurate, I’d drop him for one of these guys (In this order):

  1. John Brown
  2. Mike Williams
  3. Allison
  4. Pettis
  5. Ross
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Yes, he absolutely will. Mixon is a stud and obviously had the back field essentially to himself. Don’t be shocked when he’s in the to0 half of the first round next year.

the bengals OLINE is terrible. your outlook is alot higher than mine, i dont like anyone from cinci outside of that first game because the colts defense is THAT bad.

Is it? Or was it last year and you’re assuming it still is?

Hint: it’s the 2nd one.

You might be right, but the Bengals have made a few moves to fix the line and it looked much better in the preseason. But even if it is bad, talent, rushing volume, and most importantly heavy passing usage should keep him well within the top 15. He really is that good. If the line is competent, he’s a first rounder next year.

Tbh (and I’ve been saying this all offseason), it’s time to buy Bengals. They’re far, far too talented to be as bad as they were last year and this is about as cheap as you’re going to get them.

Difference of opinion i guess, im the exact opposite thinker. im predicting 5-11 and another tough year for andy dalton. i have the same outlook on mixon as i do mccoy, both are great players but their teams arent good enough to keep it competitive to utilize them the way they should be.

Correct and correct appreciate the insight here. You thinking that Allison was a mirage and its a bit of the week 1 googles here? I like the rankings though can’t really argue there.

Would you agree with keeping Coleman here? I know in principle its not a good drop but given the backs and i agree with you on Mixon especially with his passing usage for my team specifically is Coleman a bench clogger?

Appreciate the views man. I do have to agree with @DFWB on Mixon, guy looked good and with his passing down usage i feel a lot better about him, the line is improved and they do have enough talent to get things down this year. Also as you say with Gordon, Fournette, Cook and Mixon and if Kerryon gets volume i can play matchups with Mixon/Cook which is a luxury i can exploit… i hope!

We are consistently terrible at predicting situations. The Rams and Vikes offenses were supposed to be terrible last year. The Raiders and Cowboys were supposed to be Superbowl contenders. The Saints D was supposed to be horrible. The Bills were supposed to be picking in the top 3. Bortles was supposed to doom a talented roster to mediocrity.

I can go back years and do this all day.

Situations matter. Of course they do. Talent is more identifiable and identifying it is more replicable. It’s really that simple. The Bengals have talent. A lot of it. Mixon has talent. A lot of it.

Add in that they showed us what they think of him, and how they want to use him (a legit workhorse) and I’m betting on the player and team talent and opportunity.

McCoy is a fair comparison, but he was very good on a bad roster because of his own talent and volume. I don’t think he’s as nearly as talented as Mixon anymore and that team has much less roster talent over all. That’s the difference for me.

I like Allison. If Rodgers is healthy, he’s valuable. If hes not, he’s not.

I do think holding Coleman is advisable, but I might consider trading him if you’re desperate at WR.

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I’m def not dropping Coleman as he has stand alone value, and personally I’m not dropping Murray either. He out rushed Cook and gets goal line work. I would try to trade Cook personally. I think the Viks will continue to split that backfield up to keep them healthy. While I’m not huge on Mixon as I think that team is awful and his line is bad, he has no competition for touches and will get everything from early down work, 3rd down work, and goal line work. I wouldn’t expect those numbers every week, but I don’t think he can be game scripted out either. If anything I would package Cook for a WR and stick with the rest. I would trade him right now for Hill, but Hill’s price will be high after week 1. Maybe offer Cook for Adams or Allen

I have to admit i didn’t watch the whole game, flicked between a few, did they have any goaline work and did Murray get it? I have them down as 3 redzone touches a piece and Cook with 22 touches and Murray with 11 which I thought was more him spelling Cook than taking touches away if that makes sense? Also 7 targets for Cook vs none for Murray is good to see, there is no disguising what you do with Murray there especially on the goaline with Cook there is?

Not saying i don’t like Murray i think he’s a good back and will be a must play if Cook goes down but at the moment i have to drop one of Coleman, Murray and Kerryon as my weakest backs at my overloaded position group i’d rather not and trade but all the target WRs that i can go after had boom weeks. Adams owner is a GB fan so he wont trade him and i’m not sure who else to go after here. I have a need for WRs for next week so unless i can get a deal done before waivers go tomorrow i’m stuck for options right now. Or i hold them all, miss waivers and roll with Gordon, Davis and Hogan and see what happens in a week or two?

Or is Kerryon the odd man out here? Hold Gordon, Fournette, Cook, Mixon, Coleman and Murray and drop Kerryon? Even if he does take over that backfield will he be better than the top four guys above? Also weeks 9-13 (i know far ahead) he gets the Bears and Vikes twice and the Panthers for good measure and then the Rams in the championship game so if all goes well that’s 6 games where he likely wont be startable vs my other guys?

I could try and trade him but the value will be low. Can’t hold them all and the more i look at it, he is the weakest member of the depth chart? Also if the Lions D is that bad, the 49ers, Pats and Packers in the next 3 of 4 games will shred them and he’ll be scripted out again? Thoughts again guys?

Do NOT drop kerryon. Blount is dealing with an injury, and kerryon was the one bright spot on a bad stafford day.

Even with all the guys i already own? It’s a six man bench, standard scoring format so i’m pushed for space and cant carry 7 RBs forever. Other approach drop the Saints and Prater and grab the two WR targets from wiavers, hold all and try and work a trade in some way before the Sunday games to free up spots and upgrade at WR. But otherwise i’m slightly suck for space and in need of WR help

this is where i capitalize on the fact that i have great RBs who had good weeks. im trading one of my top 4 RBs (since you cant play them all anyway) and letting my young stud grow into his roll. you NEED WRs bad and you have plenty RBs to trade.

plus if im dropping anyone is murray or coleman. both have a path to starting, but only through injury. kerryon has a path to starting, because he is just the best back for their team.

I hear you points, fully understand your view but after the week 1 high of the likely target WRs people are not selling. I know its mad but just the way it’s happening this first week in our league. Also on Kerryon will he take the passing down work from Riddick? i can see him getting first and second down but they love Riddick and if the Lions are bad and in a lot of shoot outs, likely given their division and fixtures i worry he will get scripted out early?

Edit also as it’s standard the RB>WR but i would trade in an ideal world if Fournette can get a big game in soon he can be the one to go given the injury risk but Cook didn’t get i done, Gordon is staying and Mixon i like as he seems to have the three down role now to himself. I’ll see if i can move Fournette but will be hard to get the value