Murray for Golloday?

His team:
Kamara, D Freeman, R. Freeman, and Hines

Hilton, Golloday, C Samuel, Moore

with Kamara still injured/Murray killing it, plus Freeman being poo, and Golloday having a down week, is this a good/reasonable offer? Any tweaks?

What’s his record?

Murray is a 1-week (max) fill in since their bye week follows. I doubt he’ll give up KennyG for 1 week unless the need. I think you could only get Samuel with Murray

He’s 3-4, so probably needs a win here. Freeman plays Seattle and has stunk, so he really needs RB help now, which is why I hope he may be willing to give up KennyG (combined with his recent poor performance)

What if I target Kamara?

He hasn’t had a great season, def not a top 5 RB like we hoped.
Give him Murray for this week, plus one of: DJ, Hyde, Montogomery? Maybe a Dede or Terry?

I like going after Kamara and keeping Murray.

DJ and Terry at a minimum but I think you’ll need a better WR as a package. Kamara still has the name value and should produce when Brees is back. Don’t low ball because it could piss him off.