Murray for Hopkins?

So there’s more to the story than the title. I’m light on WRs. I have Julio and idk what’s going on with him. I’m also not great with RBs. I have Murray, Buck Allen, Ellington, J Stew, Ingram. This guys in my league got screwed. He had Dalvin Cook and Chris Carson so he’s hurting for a decent RB. He also had Greg Olson so he needs a TE. I’m going to offer Murray and Brate for Hopkins and potentially Tolbert (he has a few low end RBs that I’m picking from and Tolbert seemed like the best). What do you think of this trade? I feel like he wouldn’t go for any of my other RBs.

Also my other TEs are Graham and Doyle so I’m relatively ok there.

Other WRs are Agholor, Decker, Wright, Julio

Yea looks like you need some WR help. Depends on scoring format, but if you think DeMarco is declining than make the trade. In PPR I would. Standard definitely hold Murray. 0.5 PPR is a coin flip

Full pt ppr! Sorry forgot that part. Thanks!