Murray for Mckinnon?

Looking to trade Demarco Murray for McKinnon (Full PPR)

McKinnon owner needs an RB due to bye weeks. Was wondering if this trade is fair

It’s certainly “fair”, although you’re trading DeMarco at a lower value than you’d ideally like, since you just had him for his bye week. That said, that’s certainly fair market value for him right now, since we haven’t seen too much from him this season because of his hamstring. …and if the changing of the guard happens, and Henry takes over… you’ve got yourself a deal!

McKinnon has been killing it. RB1 status. Get him if you can

Fortunately Murray is my Rb3/flex. I have him on the bench this week so I have flexibility to move him. Really just wanted to get an opinion on whether if I’m giving up too much. Thanks for the response.

I also own DeMarco in a few leagues, and it’s definitely tough trading him away knowing what his value was last year – and what we think it should be this year given what that offense is capable of.

Fortunately, in this scenario, McKinnon has secured a great role in an offense that can move the ball behind a decent O-Line. So while you could potentially be giving up a Top 12ish RB ROS… you’re also trading away a guy who could be outside the Top 24 ROS because of ineffectiveness, injury or replacement. Meanwhile, McKinnon is pretty well locked to be a Top 15 RB ROS.

Great point. I’ll be putting in the trade request now.

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Nice! Yeah, it’s a much easier trade when you ignore the names and play the odds. :slight_smile:

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It’s DEFINITELY a fair trade. If it helps your decision any…up until this week DeMarco was “un-droppable” in my league. He finally became “droppable” this week, and considering he’s spent 99% of this season on my bench (got him in the draft), you better believe I didn’t waste a second pondering it. Just saying…if ESPN finally allowed that move, it must be because he’s not considered a major valued player any longer this season.
Also…McKinnon has all but saved me several weeks. I would definitely consider that trade to be in your favor. (of course…now that I dropped DeMarco, he’ll probably bust wide open!!! LOL)