Murray Madness

I don’t know what to do with DeMarco Murray anymore. The dude is costing me games week in and week out. Is he worth anything in a trade? Would I have to package him with a WR like Evans who has disappointed or Crabtree? End of my rope here with no good RBs to show for it!

I traded him away two weeks ago. It was a completely lopsided trade. I gave up Murray and Jordy for Chris Thompson. That said, I couldn’t be happier!!! The eye test difference is incredible. Murray was costing me games and I got tired of the headache of his injuries and Derrick Henry. I am so happy to not have to deal with that anymore. I traded him based on his name, for a player that has thoroughly outperformance him. Without Rogers Jordy has lot great value. I didn’t want him in my lineup either, because I don’t believe in Hundtley at all. After the bye, he has done even more damage to his name value, fantasy-wise.

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I just Traded Sterling Sheapard and recieved Demarco Murray strait up… Look at his playoff schedule, its pretty nice, might be worth holding on to

I traded him early season with parker for Hill and Cohen. I still don’t regret anything even if Cohen is worthless. DeMarco is a dumpser fire this year.