Murray or Ajayi ROS

HI all,

Got a trade offered to me and I am 7-4 other manager is 4-7:

Me - Tate and Gurley

Other manager: Cousins, D. Jack, and Murray

My team
QB’s - Bortles, Tyrod, Rodgers (in IR slot)
RB’s - Gurley, Ajayi, Collins, Burkhead
Wr’s - Tate, Landry, Cooper, Funchess, Anderson, Coleman, Davis
TE’s - Engram

The offer through Yahoo evaluation is bad (and on paper looks bad too). I was thinking of flipping the trade to Murray, D. Jack, and Cousins for Ajayi and Anderson but I am more worried about giving up Ajayi in case he clinches the starting job for weeks 14-16 what do ya’ll think?

I would try to upgrade your QB some other way… Murray is fine and ajayi is fine… But with the eagles offense he could really pop or just be ok.

I’d look to give up one of your WR for a QB

See that is what I was worried about.

I also have another trade offered to me

Me - Funchess

Other manager - Lynch, Rivers

I was also concerned of Rivers, Tyrod, Cousins ROS.