Murray or J Stew

So Ingram is my RB1 and Murray is my RB2. Murray hasn’t been great and it looks like he’s barely practiced at all this week. Can I justify starting J Stew instead of Murray this week? Stewart had a terrible week last week and McCaffery has been crushing so idk if that trend will continue.

I would look at the waivers for options other than stewart

I agree I’d try finding other options ivory Mack or darkwa could be available

I’m in a 14 Team league so there’s basically no one on waivers. But I have Andre Ellington I’m just unsure of what kind of role he will have with AP there now. They didn’t even look at him once last week.

I responded to the other commenter but I have Ellington who has been great for me. 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even asked this question but I’m really concerned that I start Ellington and he gets the goose egg again.

He will be used often in the right game script. But Arizona had such a good lead they didn’t need to use Ellington.

I hope so. I have Ingram and Ellington so the AP trade helped and hurt my team. But it looks like letting Ingram spread his wings is going to far outweigh any issues with Ellington in the long run.