Murray or Powell

I have to choose between Demarco Murray and Bilial Powell this week. Murray has the constant injury issues but is still the number 1 But Forte is out this week and Powell has proven he plays well without forte. Any thoughts?

Powell in my opinion

powell for me as well

Have the same choice today. Murray has had some kind of injury each of the last three games. He is just too risky.

I’d hold up on Murray this week. Forte is out and it’s Powell’s job for this week with a good matchup. I’d start any Jet over any Titan this week.

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I appreciate the response and plan to
Move to Powell. If forte was playing, I would have probably risked Murray. Good luck to you

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Fantasy sucks lol. Sorry buddy!

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I made this exact move right before kick off… good thing I am still going to win!

I had this choice in two leagues and split the decision. Do not feel bad, I won anyway.