Murray Owner looking to get Henry in Standard League

My RBs are Murray, Gordon, Montgomery, Abdullah, Martin, and Jeremy Hill.

My WRs are Allen, Bryant, Parker, Moncrief, and Brown.

The Henry owner will accept Abdullah and Bryant in exchange for T.Y. Hilton and Henry. Thoughts?

To me, it seems Hilton is a temporary downgrade from Bryant until Luck gets back, and then he’s an upgrade. I will roll out Allen and Parker, or, if need be, somebody I pick up off of waivers to tide me over at WR until Luck gets back.

I think I probably would be willing to send Bryant and Abdullah for Henry alone in order to protect my investment in Murray (2nd round pick).

I’m in a similar boat with looking at getting Henry. I don’t know about letting go of Bryant with his upside. I’m offering Abdullah and ginn for Henry in my league. I don’t think it will fly but my upside you is Pryor and it just doesn’t seem right to ditch the upside potential yet…just sucks cuz Henry is sell high right now.

I don’t think I fully answered on my previously response. But I would want T Y in return

The guy ended up accepting, so I’m getting Henry and Hilton in exchange for Bryant and Abdullah. I think it’s one of those rare deals where the trade benefits both people because of how much I need Henry to protect the Murray investment right now.

I agree with you about Bryant upside, I’ve been excited about it since I landed him in the draft. When (if?) Luck gets back and in a groove, I still think Hilton will have the better fantasy output. Who knows, though.

Good luck with your trade, hope you’re able to pull Henry.

That’s a solid trade. I definitely think getting Hilton back is key just cuz he’ll be consistent once luck gets back. My trade didn’t get accepted the guy who has Henry has is 2-0 with too much going for his team right now to bother with trading away someone like Henry when he can afford to wait and see. I’m just gonna have to keep monitoring and hope Henry returns to his back up role so his trade value lowers