Must Cut Two

.5ppr , I passed on drafting a Kicker and Defense but now I have to cut two players before week 1 games…but can’t decide which two? Any Suggestions?

QB - Big Ben
WR1 - Doug Baldwin
WR2 - Marvin Jones
RB1- Saquon
RB2- Christian M.
TE - Delanie Walker
W/T - Corey Davis
W/R - Rex Burkhead

B-Alfred Morris
B-Matt Breida
B-Marshawn Lynch
B-Robert Woods
B-Randall Cobb
B-Pierre Garcon
B- Keelan Cole
IR- Jerick McKinnon :frowning:

Two from Woods, Cobb or Garcon.

Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking Keelan Cole was a surefire drop with the 2nd player coming from the three you mentioned but now I have to take another look at Keelan :slight_smile: thanks again!

Is this a redraft? Keeper? Dynasty?

Full disclosure I am not a huge Cobb fan at all. So with that being said:

Redraft: Cut Mckinnon and Cobb
Keeper: Cobb and Woods
Dynasty: Garcon and Cobb unless you want to put all your eggs in one of the RB from SF basket then I would cut Woods + Morris/Breida

Thanks for the awesome response!

It’s a redraft, and McKinnon is in an IR spot with the intent to drop him eventually just can’t bare to do it (I’m a 49er fan). I’ll need to drop two players not in the IR spot.

Redraft I cut Woods and Cobb.

Garcon was having himself a decent season before injury (from a yardage standpoint). The touchdowns should come with Jimmy G so I think he can have a decent year this year.

Too many mouths to feed in LA to keep Woods (him most likely being the 4th option behind Gurley, Cooks and Kupp), and as I already said, never been a huge fan of Cobb.

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I would drop Cobb and Woods. That would make you pretty thin at WR. So, after a couple of weeks, once we see who is the better back to have in the SF backfield, drop the other one for a WR.

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And after Week 1… we were wrong, lol!!!