Must keep DEF?

What team(s) do you consider weekly plays/must keep defenses?

I have New England and while they dominated last year, they are clearly not the same team this year. Are they a weekly keep, or better to just play match-ups? E.g., this week I could swap to TEN, IND, TB, or SEA

Would you end up dropping them?

Yeah, I wouldn’t really plan to roster two DEF

That’s the worry. I feel they are on the bubble. They likely would not stay on waivers, but seems unlikely they are going to do what they did last year.

Changed my mind that schedule the first 4 weeks is miserable. Drop.

NE D this year will still be decent in passing D, but overall will be weaker due to 6 starters opting out. Unless you have Pit, Bal, NO, or SF defenses, streaming will be the best way to go, imho.