Must Win Advice

10 man standard.
Sat the Steeler’s D for Baltimore D and Mariota for Prescott. Hope that does not hurt to bad.
Concerned about my RB’s and Flex. Would you change anything?


The only move that I’d think about making is Rex instead of Martin. Even though it is standard, Rex has a better offense, and gets a lot of touches. Relatively easy matchup for him also. But both will get points.

Thanks. Who knows what Dud Martin will do.

I think that’s how I would set the roster as well. Martin has a good matchup so he’s a fine flex play. Hard to trust Thomas with Osweiler throwing to him. He’s been TD dependent the past 2 weeks

Well first of all I wouldnt lose too much sleep considering AB got you over 30 points in even the lowest scoring systems haha.
I kinda like getting Demaryius in the flex, Brock looks his way in the red/endzone.

**Keep an eye on that Fournette situation, didnt practice today…not good.
Good luck!