Must Win Game- Hilton or Ingram

I’m in a STD league, last week before the playoffs and I need a win to get in. My opponent and I are basically in a projected tie, and he has some huge upside guys (Thomas, Hill, Hunt, Ebron), but also some major holes in his lineup (Richard, Godwin). This is a 12 team league (not that it matters).

I’m currently rolling out:
Redskins D/ST

I need to choose a flex. The two clear cut choices are Ingram or Hilton. Also have Coleman, Baldwin, C. Davis, Dion L. on my bench.

Need to know whether to start Hilton or Ingram at the flex!

I’d go Hilton. Luck is on a tear lately & you have the stack then

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I’d say Hilton, agree with above, hot as a flap jack. Ride that heat. Ingram has tough match up, the boys d has been hard lately, holding most teams under 90. With 4 under about 50 yards.