Must win game!

I have to pretty much win out to make the playoffs and to make matters worse I am playing the top two teams the next two weeks. Have to start one of the following players in the flex:
Keke v Oakland
Breida v Carolina
J Howard @ Buffalo
Auden Tate @ LA Rams
.5 ppr
I’m leaning towards Keke v Oakland because that game can easily turn into a shootout. Carolina has been great against the run and Breida hasn’t been as effective since Coleman came back. Howard @ Buffalo is pretty self explanatory. Tate @ La is possible but that pass rush should get after Dalton and half the field will be shut down by Ramsey.

oof. this is a really tough one. .5 PPR none of these guys look particularly great. Howard has the TD upside but Buffalo defense, he might get stuffed at the goal line. Can’t trust Keke even with Fuller out, at least not yet. I’m leaning Auden Tate only because of his ability to make wild catches, Ramsey be damned. plus Ramsey should be busy with Boyds crossing routes most of the game.

Good Luck!