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MUST Win Game


10 team fullPPR…
I’m 1-4 and possibly losing Zeke… :(:broken_heart: NO this was not my team coming into this week, I traded L.Murray & Funchess for Ajayi and DT, then Duke Johnson for D.Murray… in a very competitive league w all my closest friends, we have a tendency to wager a player on Madden games so I won TY and Freeman! Also J.Reed owner thought he could pull a fast one and drop him for the bye and pick him back up but 1-4 lands you at the top priority every week! Saved my whole season in two days #RunTheTable but yeah, who should I flex? Thanks guys.


K.Cousins / Dak Prescott
Freeman, Anderson / Howard, Ajayi, Zeke
Michael Thomas, T.Y. / Landry, D.Thomas
J.Reed / ASJ
Flex - D.Murray


Wow, you pulled off some good trades there for big improvement. Kudos.

What are the options? Don’t know how you’re lineup is supposed to be set up.


Thank you sir! Lol

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex (WR/RB/TE), D/ST and K

I’m confident in the lineup throughout but I guess I’m trying to get another opinion as far as matchups… Murray w/out Mariota kinda worries me, D.Parker is out so does Landry go off? J.Howard against an awful rush d? Is this the week Ajayi gets it together? Or is ASJ’s floor safe enough to get me by? Lol might be overthinking a lot but man I’m just tryna get this win!


You need a win, so plug in you’re best with Reed.

Freeman, Howard, and C.J. Anderson with that matchup. (Murray has a good matchup as well, but I would sit him and Ajayi since they may not be back to form yet.) Then M. Thomas and T.Y. Hilton.