Must win last 2 games to make it for playoffs! H E L P!

Okay. I lost week 11. I MUST WIN the next 2 games or I’m done. This is a 12 team league, standard. I’m in 7th place and going against 2nd place. What defense to stream? Is it time to drop David Johnson?

Week 12 Line up.

QB-Russel Wilson vs Eagles
RB-Nick Chubb vs Miami
RB-Tevin Coleman vs Green Bay
WR-Julius Edelman vs Cowboys
WR-D.K. Metkalf vs Eagles
TE-Mark Andrews vs Rams
RE/WR/TE Flex , undecided
K- Need a good kicker
Bills Defense vs Broncos but I don’t like this matchup.

Kyle Allen- I’am dropping him and picking up Justin Williams vs Texans
David Johnson bye week. Thinking of dropping him for good
Devin Singletary vs Broncos ( Cook had a hard time vs broncos)
Michael Gallup vs Patriots bad matchup
Curtis Samuel vs Saints, saints will kill Kyle Allen
George Kittle injured.

TOP 3 defenses I’am considering streaming.

Falcons at home vs Buccaneers
Browns at home vs Miami
Raiders at home vs Jets

My Opponent
QB-Josh Allen vs Broncos
RB- Mark Ingram vs Rams
RB- E. Elliot vs Patriots
WR- M. Thomas vs Panthers
WR- C. Godwin vs Falcons
TE- He has none, Henry on Bye
Flex- RB- D. Henry vs Jaguars
K- C. Bowswell
Jets Defense

@Sith_Are_People_Too Falcons would need to be adjusted on your chart right?
@MikeMeUpp What you think of this lineup and match up?

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Yes the model will be updated based on all of this week’s results. It should be posted by this afternoon.

Implied team totals suggest that the Bills and Browns defense are both good options this week. Miami and Denver’s implied team totals are both 16.75.

I thought Falcons would be superior due to James Winston leading the NFL with more interceptions thrown. Falcoms demolished Drew Brees and Kyle Allen. It’s a home game for them.

Bill’s facing an offense who was tearing up Vikings defense. That’s my concern.

Browns vs Miami at home. That could be a good game for browns defense.


if it is a must win, see if you can trade DJ for anything (even if it is a low end FLEX or K). I don’t think he should be dropped - someone may see value in him. But with they bye and a questionable return I would cut him loose (make him someone else’s concern)


When updated, where is it that you upload it at?

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Just posted it a bit ago, you can find it here: Streaming Models for Week 12 (The Deep Stream)