MUST WIN! Serious lineup help

PPR league I am struggling with what to do at RB2, WR3, TE and FLX.

Currently I am leaning on:

RB2 Howard
WR3 Allison
TE Burton
FLX Mostert

I have Gronk, Godwin, Carson, Kirk, Murphy on my bench.

Do I roll the dice and play Gronk in my Flex and if hes out play Murphy or pick up and play Benjamin or Ivory? I am listening to all options.

Thanks guys!!

I’d flex Gronk and play Carson over Howard. Allison is the WR you want. So RB2 Carson, WR3 Allison, TE Burton and Flex Gronk. If Gronk is out I’d flex Godwin. JMO

Thank you,

My concern is that I don’t think I will know about Gronks status until gametime.

Gronk should be ready. The issue is the game will get out of hand and they give him a break. Even if he was healthy I still think they’d scale him back. Against the Mia blowout he had a weak outing. I would lean towards another option.

With my opponent starting Brady does that change things?

You have a good point.