Must win this week ! Who would you start?

Hey Footclan ! I’m 3-4 and I have to win this week to keep my playoff hopes alive. I could only start 3 out of 5 in .5 PPR league. Duke Johnson, Dion Lewis, Devin Funchess, Marvin Jones, and Emmanuel Sanders (has a chance of playing on Monday). Thanks in advance !

post bump. Any Suggestions ?

Will be a good week for M. Jones. And hopefully Sanders is allright to go along with Funchess.

Duke Johnson, Devin Funchess, Marvin Jones

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Thanks ! You guys are not high on Lewis going against a Los Angeles Chargers defense that is next to last in the NFL ?

It is a good match up for RB’s against LA. I like Lewis here, I’m just not high on Billichick’s scheme and how it affects things from a fantasy standpoint. It’s like playing wack a mole with the RB’s in NE.

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Do duke deon and devin. Most chance of a touchdown and jones doesn’t get that many receptions anyway. If sanders plays, he’ll be hobbled. Give him a week.

@RyanDelaney I see your point lol