Must win to get into playoffs. 4 game losing streak

I must win to get in play offs. If I win I’m in.
I’m having trouble deciding who to start. What is your advise?

1/2 ppr 3 wr star
QBs kyler, Winston, ryan ----leaning towards kyler
Rb Singletary, carson, drake, david Johnson— leaning carson and Singletary or carson/drake
Wr–julio, Adams, obj, diggs, Ridley— leaning Adam’s, ridley, diggs

Julio is banged up and will be against lattimore if he plays.

I need help

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On the skill position players, I simplify things and lean on expert rankings that I trust unless I have a specific reason to override them. I use The Baller’s flex rankings because of the investment they’ve made in their ranking algorithms and their sustained accuracy rankings among experts each year. I would check them an hour before kick-off due to all the potential injury pivots and make sure you know for sure what the injury updates are, but then go with their consensus ranking. This has made my life simpler and less angst-ridden.

For QB, my QB model projects Winston to be the QB7 this week, Ryan to be the QB11 and Murray to be the QB13. (I would downgrade Ryan a bit based on the injury concerns with Julio.) So I would buckle up and ride the Jameis INT/TD roller coaster. Since I mentioned The Baller’s rankings I’ll include those for QBs here - they have Kyler at QB6, Winston at QB7 and Ryan at QB9. I wouldn’t fault anyone for going with their QB rankings, but I would go with Winston myself (and I am in one league this week). My QB model is below for reference. Hope this helped. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 13 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!

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I am bouncing between Winston and kyler. I’m leaning kyler only because hes at home.

Do I start Julio if he is playing? It’s tough. If julio is playing do I start Julio and ridley over diggs or obj?

Singletary over drake?

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I know, it’s tough with the injuries. Probably I play Julio and take my chances if he’s active (I have him in two leagues). For the others honestly I’d just go with whatever The Baller’s rankings say one hour before kick-off (unless they’re obviously not updated for an injury, but usually they are on top of that).

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I’m a falcons fan. I think if I loose, I’d rather loose with my best player in the line up. Ballers are currently saying start all my wr over Julio lol

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On top of that, it’s my money league $100 buy in

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