Must win week. help

I need to win this week to keep my playoff hopes alive. Would like some input on who to start Half ppr, 1 qb 2rb 2 wr and flex

Wr- diontae Johnson, deebo, metcalf, renfrow
Rb- jeff Wilson, Alex Collins, Montgomery, Elliot
QBs-Russ and tua

Thanks guys!

I think I’d go with …

RB/Flex - Elliott, Montgomery, Wilson
WR - Deebo, Johnson
QB - Tua

Johnson/Metcalf choice - probably depends on if you need floor or ceiling. Diontae with the safer floor and consistency would be my choice based on the other players in the lineup. I also want to wait a week to see if Russ is right.

Tua/Russ is tough too - Russ probably has the higher ceiling, but still don’t know if Russ can get it done with the finger and he faces a tough Cardinals defense. Tua has been decent and has the Jets this week.