MVS, Demarcus, or Dj Chark?

.5 ppr- Who should I pick up to drop Crowder?

I have baby chark and MVS but need to drop a player since Singletary isn’t out anymore … I like chark out of all of them he’s a clear 1 and hasn’t slipped up yet his matchup against Harris and the broncos hurts his value this week but he’s done well against tuff secondaries so far this season. MVS has a higher ceiling in my opinion but with Rodgers saying he wants to target Adams more, I don’t think the packer offense can sustain 2 top WR this year.

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As soon as the news of AB being cut by Patriots, I dropped Crowder and picked up Dorsett :slight_smile:

I dropped crowder because of bye week fills at TE and QB. I would keep chark for sure. MVS has rodgers but will they eventually start to sling the ball? Demarcus is good at the time being but not sure the value when Hill comes back.
I think MVS if you need to drop a player.