MVS dropped on waiver

MVS has been dropped and I’ve got Foreman who might not even play this season, worth a cheeky add?

My WRs are very strong so would purely be a depth add.

My WRs are Julio, Allen, Sutton, M. Jones and Reynolds btw.

Obviously not dropping any of those

Unless your in a dynasty I say pick mvs up for foreman, if your in a dynasty you can hold either one of these

Cheers I may just do that. I’m in the process of trying to get a White/Lindsay package for Melvin Gordon so might just have a free roster spot soon

if ur wrs are that deep does he even offer anything to you. I would look for a defense or second qb or TE depending on ur situation to add for playof matchups over adding another glory bench piece. if u think u might play him then add him if not add something you could use but isnt bling bling

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Is it worth dropping Marvin Jones for MVS given the uncertainty on his injury?