MVS or Allen Robinson ROS

I am leaning Robinson i have solid rbs and odel and theilin as WR so only need a plyer who has potential to go nuts

If you’re looking at ceiling it’s definitely Robinson. Trubisky is playing better and better.

MVS is good but he is more a of a solid-floor type of player in that GB offense with D.Adams being the #1 and MVS just being a solid secondary/tertiary target for Aaron Rodgers.

agree 100% i need a league winner and with the way bears are heading i see way more in robison than MVS. I actually dropped MVS for allen yesterday

no MVS all the way

Mvs is going to be better ros. With the surgence of Anthony Miller this hurts Robinson.

I agree on Robinson personally.

With how banged up GB WR’s are I like MVS. Talent wise it’s Robinson by a mile but Trubisky spreads it around to so many different guys and Miller looks like his favorite target lately, before that it was Gabriel then mix in Cohen and then Burton just too many weapons. When A Rod throws he’s looking at Adams then MVS next who’s jumped Graham for Targets. I like him more with a better QB for ROS. Plus GB needs to run the table to make the playoffs

agree with evrything said about MVS but I feel Like no one is even suggestig that mabye turbisky and robinson showed some kind of new connection last week. first good week back. Robinson was new to team so maybe it took several games to fall into him old self. idk that why i think robinson has a higher ceiling.