MVS or Chris Godwin Sunday?

I’m trying to decide who to start between Godwin and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I think they both have so much upside this week. Please help lol!

I’m on the mvs train, hop on.

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He’s in my lineup right now. I’m waivering between the 2 right now. I keep going back and fourth. I like the over/under on that game though. So many points should be scored!

I also have John Brown and Tre’Quon in my lineup as well. And David Moore is on my bench

MVS is the play here. Dude is legit. #2 guy now.

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This isn’t a slam dunk in my opinion. People are overreacting to one week last week. He played similar snaps to Cobb and Geronimo after they were both coming off injuries. Doesn’t mean he’s the bonafide 2. If Geronimo gets healthy MVS is back to #4 in my book.

If we’re talking this week I still think MVS is riskier than Godwin. Him and Cobb both play the slot. At best they’re splitting snaps

I’m struggling between mvs and DJ moore, I think people are overreacting over DJ. I mean he had one good game. And ppl are starting him without a question just cuz of good matchup.

and because smith is out, and the matchup is great, and Diggs is probably not playing, that’s why I am flexing DJ Moore…