MVS or DJ Moore?

Have Moore, MVS is still on waiver. Thinking of getting him, is that smart?

No opinion here?

I like MVS more. They seem to like using him more than Cobb and Allison now.

im not crazy about moore but id rather have him over mvs bc allison is better but cant get healthy but once he is he is tkaing his spot back

I second MVS > DJ Moore. Even though Moore is the most talented WR on the CAR roster, the passing offense is less potent and they seem content spreading the ball around. MVS is arguably the #2 WR on a pass-heavy offense w/ Arodg as the QB. I think he has the most upside ROS between the two.

Mvs just took Allison’s job. Mvs>moore

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MVS is truth. I like him and he’s supplanted Allison and Cobb as top tier options.

Looks like Allison will miss some time and may have surgery. MVS is the #2 I like him much more than Moore

how about compared to Sutton.??

Should i Drop Sutton for MVS?
I have only Baldwin and djax as my WR not on BYE

Where did you see the news about Allison missing time? MVS is the clear No. 2 and looks great compared to Cobb.

The fantasy Life app said he may require groin surgery and could be out a while

Man, I’d be tempted to drop Baldwin for MVS, but let other opine. I have been burned so badly by him in the past, although I know others will have a more rational opinion.

I feel bad celebrating an injury but I was really pleased to see the Allison headline earlier…don’t judge me please…MVS has been my roster’s “fingers crossed” guy since whatever week he started that first time. MVS looks like an actual star, not just bc I have had him on my team! 4.3-something and 6’4’’ I believe? That’s real.

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Thing is, with Allison out, Adams ist Nr. 1 and we all know how good some Nr. 2 receivers are this year. Juju, Boyd and so on…

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Def not comparing to either one of them. But MVS may well rival those guys. Or he could just stay average to above average, which is most likely. Unfortunately. More than for DJ Moore though.

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