MVS or Kenyan Drake PPR

I’m unsure who to start this week after the Jacobs injury. I don’t like the Drake matchup.

Such a tough decision. I might have to go drake cause of volume and red zone attempts but we can’t ignore the 8 targets to Mvs and now they get the lions. Tough man. Good luck!


As usual, I go with the WR in PPR.

Makes sense.

WR in PPR typically outscores RB in PPR ??


Similarly ranked RB v WR in ppr then yes WR ought to be the better play. It really depends how high you have each player.

I like the upside of MVS more than Drake, they claim Barber as the lead back. But it’s against the Pittsburgh defense so I think I’d rather have MVS

I don’t think we can count on the high targets to stay for MVS, but Rodgers is going to light it up this week.