MVS or Kumerow from here on out?

Do you think Kumerow has a chance to be Fantasy Playoff relevant?

MVS easily for me.

MVS target share has gone down over the past two weeks. I fell like Kumerow is wait and see, but for whatever reason I feel like he is going to have a big fantasy playoff run. Maybe it’s the hair…

Lol, I mean he could also just not get activated for the entire season… doubtful but I definitely wouldn’t drop MVS for him, and until I see a single target for him he’s not making it in my lineup.

While MVS’ target-share has dropped, matchups the last two weeks have been HARD. It would have been surprising to see MVS succeed given the matchups and OL injuries that have occurred the last two weeks. His schedule lightens up from here on out. I wouldn’t play MVS, but i also wouldn’t drop him … yet.