My 10 team .5 ppr

RBs-Barkley, Mixon, Michel, M. Sanders, Breida
Wrs-Evans, Edelman, Kupp, Ridley, Shepard

Winston went undrafted should I pick him up and drop Njoku to stack Winston and Evan’s

Nice team. I would either keep prescott or winston, no need on having both.

Pretty deep team if all goes as projected.

You drafted either 1 or 2 based on this personnel.

As far as QBs go, I agree that it’s one or the other. Don’t drop Njoku. You’ve got two solid TEs that will keep you from streaming hell. Believe me, it’s a dark place. You don’t want to go there.

Before you drop Dak for Jameis, consider the following:

I would wait until we know about Zeke. for argument’s sake, we’ll say he signs. If he does, Dak has a higher floor. He might not set the world on fire every weekend, but he will sometimes. And on the weekends when he doesn’t, he won’t be a disaster.

In Tampa, I get what you’re saying about the potential Winston / Evans stack, but I’m not sold on Arians parlaying that personnel into a productive team. It could explode there. But with those egos and Jameis’s volatility, it could just as easily go sideways. And if it does, then you’ve got a crater in your lineup.

If it’s me, I hang on to Dak take a wait-and-see attitude over the next week.

Yes, definitely pick up Winston!! Great team!