My Aaron Jones for his Brandon Cooks

So I discussed this trade last week and both parties decided to wait until now to make any sort of serious moves. Below ill include my team to give yall a better idea of what is going on. Really considering this given my WR situation but as always I gotta consult the footclan. Originally this was offered as his Thielen for my Aaron Jones but now he has offered me Brandon Cooks. What do yall think?

QB: Wentz
RB: Connor, Chubb, Jones
WR: Ju Ju, Landry, Dorsett, Dede
TE: Delanie Walker, Jared Cook
K: Myers
D: Saints, Steelers

Again any help is appreciated cause I might pull the trigger soon

I personally would be afraid of losing your depth at RB. You literally would have 0 backups if their is some sort of injury. Can I ask why you are carrying 2 TE’s (especially Cook) and 2 Defenses? Seems like you are clogging your roster where you could have a couple more backups at useful spots like RB and WR.

I personally like the trade, but unless there are decent options on the waiver wire I think it puts you in a really tough spot as far as RB depth.

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This is just my roster before waivers go through, I am still trying to figure out who to pick up, especially since you are right and I need depth in the event that something does wind up happening. I’m just indecisive on who to drop with regard to TEs cause both have potential and I guess its the same story with the Defenses

Jared Cook has barely broken double digit points…for the season. He is not worth rostering, even when Brees is playing. And to me there is never a reason to roster 2 Defenses, unless you have a top 5 defense and they are on a bye and you don’t want to lose them on waivers the following week. Just my 2 cents though.

I agree with other person as well.

No need for 2 TE and 2 Def consistently on your bench. Drop cook, His production is not there with teddy and with brees he didn’t do much. If you need to have a backup tight end cause walker is very up and down and td dependent I’m sure you can find someone like Herndon or dizzily is he’s still available.

I would say The Aaron Jones could be a fair trade but I would look at Mabye packaging juju with Jones and getting some firepower at the WR position. Cookie is battling for targets with kupp and woods. He’s good but I think you Could get better.