My Antonio Brown for Mccafery and Baldwin Need HELP!

Offered CMC and Doug Baldwin for AB… I have no backs (buck allen doesnt count) but i do have cooks, allen, thomas as my Wideouts.

Mike Thomas or D. Thomas? Big difference. I imagine DT given it’d be nearly impossible to get MT with the other WRs you have.

Regardless, I think you can do better. But if it is M Thomas by some miracle, I’d just trade Brown for top RB 1 (Gordon/Kamara/Saquon)

Demarius Thomas:houston-- My running backs are buck allen and raheem mostert… smh i know. I lost mckinnon and powelle to IR. I have cooks, keenan allen, taylor Gabriel, Hogan and plenty more WR’s.

Or do I ask for another rb?

Wow, you may need another RB sadly. I’d try to capitalize on Buck Allen’s last game which was somewhat serviceable. Do Brown and Buck (or Thomas tbh) for a RB 1 and 3 and a WR 2 maybe?

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I agree I wouldn’t trade brown for those two shoot higher!

thinking of mcaffery and chris carson he also has sony michel and dalvin cook

Ya that’s better straight up. It’s just tough giving Brown away without getting a WR back.

even with Cooks, Allen, Demaryius thomas I can see your argument

Ya those guys can definitely keep you afloat - I’ve just been down on DT this year and him going to Houston doesn’t help (but maybe it will). I’d honestly do something like Brown and Thomas (if he’s that needy of a WR) and try to get something like CMC, Carson and someone on Boyd Edelman and Kupp’s tier. Maybe even Marvin Jones (wild assumption that he has MJJ) who can only go up after the trade deadline.

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