My awesome #FootclanTitle season story

This was my most amazing fantasy season I could ever imagine. I just won my first ever #footclantitle and it is largely because of the FBallers and their podcast.

I had the first pick in our 12 person PPR draft. I chose David Johnson. I was so incredibly down when I lost him for the season, and I thought I probably wouldn’t even make the playoffs. But I remember Andy talking about the same thing on the podcast, and saying that it would be one of his hugest accomplishments yet if he won a title after losing DJ.

I also drafted Danny Woodhead in the 5th round and had to drop him. I also had Demaryius, Zeke, Fitz and Diggs.

I started 1-3. I thought my season was over.

But somehow I clawed up to 7-3 before dropping three ina row to finish 7-6. Along the way I had to pick up tons of waiver guys…Buck Allen, Jerrick McKinnon, and especially later on I had to grab Drake, Burkhead and Goodwin. I also picked up Deshaun Watson and Alex Smith. FBallers are right…don’t draft a QB early! You can always find great QBs after the draft.

In my first playoff match, I was down 37 points to my opponent. I had Burkhead and Drake left and he had the Pats D. I got 23 out of Drake and 16 out of Burkhead and Pats D scored 1, so I won by about two points. I felt like I had about a 1% chance of winning that.

Next round, my opponent has Gurley (45 points) and Olsen ( 26 points). I start Bortles who gets me 25. My opponent has Antonio Brown and Ben. I luck out with AB’s injury, but I’m still projected to lose by a lot. But slowly my opponent’s team stalls, and I win with 22 points from Goodwin and off of Ben’s TD pass that was overturned (and Ben threw a pick right afterward). I won by 3.

Then last night, I’m up by 28. My opponent has Juju and Alshon. He gets 19 out of Juju and only needs 8.3 from Alshon. I know my luck is over and I’m done for. But Alshon gooses and I win a #footclantitle.

So basically…the FBallers are right. Never give up, no matter how bad it looks. Keep clawing and picking up guys on waivers. For my last two playoff matches most of my starters were waiver guys. Blake Bortles won me a championship. I think the spirit of David Johnson led me to this title. It took a lot of luck, but at the same time, I never could have done it without the FBallers advice.


1-3 man is you thinking you’re out? I’d say you are a doomsday prepper! Lol awesome story though you pushed through congrats!

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Well, it wasn’t so much the record. It was that I was getting beaten pretty badly each week and my team wasn’t scoring. I was banking on DJ and Woodhead for my RBs, so my RB situation was looking bleak (plus with Zeke on my team, I thought he would be gone any second).

So you’re right, 1-3 is not bad and it’s not nearly as huge of a comeback like those stories of people being 0-5 or 1-6. But my team just looked so bad at that point I didn’t have much hope. Deshaun Watson won me a few weeks to get me back in it to give me playoff hopes.

this is the first year i didnt have a season ending injury that really messed with me. mostly because the draft went so well for me. i did lose OBJ, but i had so many people to cover for him it was almost like i didnt miss out on my 1st round guy. but through good pickups, and staying on top of the waiver wire, watching for good and bad matchups, i never would have made it without some knowledge bombs from the ballers.

my championship story is pretty good. i won against the guy who had todd gurley. who in a PPR format put up 50 points. if it wasnt for some devine intervention and some great trades i was dead in the water. the only thing i could have done to make this even better was to play bilal powell over golden tate (what is this season?!)

and to have balitmore have just an average day vs the colts?! someone was seriously smiling at me.

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You guys helped all year thanks
Into the Championship - Monday night up by one point my opponent has Crabtree and I have Jefferies
Both Pooped in the big boy pants but I won anyway by one


I was waiting to hear a story like this. It’s insane that both Crabs AND Alshon not only pooped, but GOOSED. That must have been an exhilarating win.

Exhilarating is not the word i would use - Christmas night and I’m going nuts - I have a year to get my nerves in check

After going 3-10 with an auto drafted team last year, i managed to draft my own team this year. It’s a keeper league so i had Tyreek Hill as my last (15th round) pick, he went undrafted the year before.

With no first round worthy RBs available i took Brady with the second overall pick, Fournette in the second round and Kelce in the third round. All four would stay on my roster all season.

I lost in week 1, and the feeling of doom from last season returned. I would go on to win 11 of the next 12 games clinching a first round bye. I was down by 22 in my semi-final, and Devonta Freeman, who i acquired via trade, clinched me 30 points to send me to my final.

I was up against the 6th seed in the final, he was the 2nd highest scorer behind me. I knew i had a tough game ahead of me. I had a 50 point lead and he had just LeVeon Bell left to play, i held on for the W and a complete turn around from the year before.

Not the most exciting story, i know.


For me after losing in 2015 145-150 I was in a funk all last season. So this year I decided to go for broke and decided I’d go all in on questionable players and hedge my bet on the fact that 50% usually work out if you snag them all. I had the 5th pick in a 10 man. I went gordon, gurley, hunt, hopkins, benjamin, diggs, parker, watkins, ertz and set up the rest for streaming. Traded parker for duke to get rb depth (Stewart hadn’t worked out) and I had DeShawn rolling off waivers.

I was 9-0 when the acl tear happened, and then the benjamin trade and injury happened. The hunt stalled, I went from steam rolling teams on autopilot to a free fall over the next 4 weeks. With playoffs looming I knew I had to make plans in case hunt didn’t return to form.

I entered playoffs 9-4 with a bye and snagged crowder and greatwin and just needed someone to get hot. My team had a solid score in the bye seek. Then 188 to get me into the ship, and then a steamroll at 150 in the ship. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the footclan


That was a really nice draft.

I LOVE Greatwin. I couldn’t have won without him.

Last week, I was down exactly one tenth of a point and had Greatwin left in the Titans Niners game. I don’t remember being so nervous for a field goal…Titans were down by one or two and had to make a 40 or 50 yard field goal.

They made it, and I just needed Jimmy GQ to throw one pass to Greatwin. Luckily he did and I won. I will always love Jimmy G and Greatwin for that.

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