My bench looks like a HOSPITAL. HELP!

12 team league, standard 6pt QB. bye weeks are next to each player.

(11)QB- R. Willson
(7)RB- N. Chubb
(12)RB- D. Johnson
(10)WR- J. Edelman
(9)WR- R. Woods
(4)TE- G. Kittle
(8)FLEX- Mark Andrew
(10)K. J. Elliot
(8)DEF- Ravens

(8)WR-M. Gullup gone for 2-4 weeks
(12)WR- Mike Williams back last week
(4)RB- Tevin Coleman- no clue when he comes back
(6)RB- T. Singletary - gone for 2-4 weeks
(10)RB- C. Thompson
(6)QB- Derrick Carr

Who is someone I can drop? I feel like im carrying dead weight.

Tough call on Coleman, not sure where he will fit in with breida and mostert rumbling along nicely but id make a case to drop coleman because mostert i think has proven that he deserves to be played more and a 3 rb committee might be the order of the day in SF and Coleman has much more value in PPR since he’s a good pass-catcher, but you’re in a standard league so… Gallup im holding onto myself, i think when hes back he’ll go back to the targets and role he has. Consider dropping Carr? Not sure if you need to stash a second qb but i guess it depends on how deep or shallow your league is.

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almost everyone has taken a 2nd QB, they trying to cover the bye weeks and play offs schedule. This is what is left on waivers for QB’s

M. Trubisky
D. Jones
M. Rudolph
K. Allen
A. Dalton
G. Minshew - which I really like what he did last night
J. Flacco

the rest are more garbage.

those all look like a bunch of Carrs to me. Drop if you feel like you need to but I mean you have your starting line up. Would you put in someone you would add?

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Not for this week. Im going double TE this week as the match ups are good. Looking down the road, the first RB going on bye week is N. Chubb, and it may be possible that Singletary is back for week 7 and if his not I would have to use C. Thompson then. Only way Thompson becomes more valuable is with AP getting injured.

CARR & gallup if i had to pick 2