My best Team so far! 5-0

After i drafted Hunt for the first round i kept talking to players in the lobby to distract them after i gotten Todd next round then Aj they said we didn’t pick want todd cause he is starting to do bad…i was like wow ok…just left it at that then they was getting better picks and i think this team i picked is awesome i love it i have my 2 dream RB’s AJ green and hopkins is decent and got some GOOD Qb’s in case i have ravens as DEF and LOINS DEF i dont like my DEF but i think i did good overall @Abdullah_Oblongata

rankings came back just now

Congrats. But I do wonder why you have 3 QBs, seems very unnecessary.


Took the words right outta my mouth.

Yes that’s true I am a seattle fan i love russle and all they had left was really bad WR and RB and TE and DEF so ehh eh not.

So i got an a third one to trade off for like atonio brown that would be amazing maybe cuz this one guy has rivers as his QB and wanted Russel so bad he kept complaining but he has BROWN so i might make him ths offer russle for brown.

Absolutely NO WAY he accepts a Russell Wilson for Antonio Brown straight up. If he does, you are probably playing in a league with a bunch of 8 year olds

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Wilson doesn’t come close to Brown in terms of trade value. If you can do it than I am impressed with your negotiating skills. See that 0-5 dude, see if he needs a QB and get yourself some WR depth.