My Championship Game Please Help

I have made it this far with your amazing help every week. Now some of my top players are gone due to injury. Evans and Godwin. So I have gone to waivers and hit it rich. But need advise, this is full PPR.

First RB I have 4 Options.
E. Elliott, A. Ekeler, J. Mixon, D. Henry.
Second WR I have 4 Options.
M. Thomas (Must Start), B. Perriman, AJ. Brown, A. Cooper (Worried due to Dak Injury Unknown)
Third is the Flex.
Out of all of them who is the strongest or most point value to win for my flex.

Please help and Happy Holidays. I pledge this win to the footclan.

Elliott and Henry for RB

Thomas and Brown at WR

Perriman for Flex


Worried about Henry with this minor injury and a #6 def against the Saints. He only got me 8.60 points last week against Houston. Ekeler is against Raiders who are 21st D against the run and only got 12.80 in the last meeting. Now Mixon is going against Dolphins who are 28th against the run. and had 18.60 against the number 2 d against the run last week.

Still think Henry?

I think Ekeler could be a good move, but I just hate betting on teams with nothing to play for this late in the season. Leads to a really unpredictable game script. Also he has Gordon to contend with for touches.

Mixon is listed as limited at practice today because of a calf injury and he didn’t have the designation yesterday so I think he got hurt (Bernard may end up being the move if Mixon is sidelined). Even if Mixon plays, they may still give Bernard more looks than usual. Also, this is another game where they have nothing to play for. Honestly, each team may be looking to LOSE for that first pick lol.

Henry, if he plays, is who I would bet on. He’s integral to the Titans offense, so if he is playing, I’d expect a lot of volume. And I know players say this all the time, but he is saying he has no intention of missing the game against the Saints.

Good points to consider. I just saw that Injury on Mixon. Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to some other commenting and see what they have to say.

Thank you ydoc.

Waiver options that i have incase you like any of these better are D Washington, R. Moostert, K, Drake

I think I like Mostert over everybody you’ve mentioned. Rams got TORE UP by Zeke and Tony last week and Mostert has taken over as the definitive lead back. It is crazy to me that he is even on your waivers

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42 Views Please Footclan, any other feedback?

Tomorrow Week 16 starts. Any more help or advice please?

Henry and Zeke
Thomas, Brown

Im benching Cooper with the dak news and I think Henry still gets 20 touches and he should have a fine day maybe not like the 30+ point day but if they get to the goal line hes going to get touchdowns.

The flex is a little more tough Ekeler could be a good call but i think Perriman is going to get a ton of targets and last week you saw he can do things with the ball in his hand.

Thank you that is what i have. Just was not sure on flex. I had Perriman, Mixon (worried with new injury), Ekeler. I also have alot of choices to pick up for RB like M. Boone, J. Richard, D. Washington, A. Mattison, R. Mostert, K. Drake and for WR A. Miller and D. Parker.

Wow thats alot of useable waiver claims holy cow. PLaying Boone, Washington, Mostert is all strong plays for most teams and do you not listen to the podcast? What is Parker doing not on a team dude has been absolutely on fire

I picked him up like 3 or 4 weeks ago then he got injured and i dropped him. No one pays attention to waiver wires. I have in First and I get last go at waivers and have picked everyone one i wanted.

So is any of them a better flex than Perriman?

Depends on what you need Perriman has one of the highest ceilings but washington and mostert have pretty guaranteed workloads so much safer floors and obviously then Parker also has a great chance to continue to do what hes been doing

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For full PPR;

RB1: E. Elliott
RB2: J. Mixon

WR1: M. Thomas
WR2: B. Perriman

Flex: A. Ekeler

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Thanks for the help. I just saw Mixon lost his injury tag, So he has to be in my lineup.

I was favored to win by almost 10 points now its down to 2 points so this is going to be a close one.