My Conner for his Allen or Evans?

Thoughts on my Conner for Keenan Allen or Mike Evans? My RBs: Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Lindsay, and Michel. My WRs JuJu, Cooks, Sanders, Jones Jr. I can also request his Goff as a throw-in, my QB is Dalton. His RBs Dion Lewis (thats it… he is the Bell and Burkhead owner). Burkhead news makes me more confident that Michel will be a RB1.

I would do this, leaning towards Allen unless you feel Fitzpatrick will stay in the QB for TB. However you do seem to have good depth in WR as well. Maybe target a different position for upgrade, who is your TE?

My TE is Trey Burton. My QB is Dalton (dropped Luck). His TE is Rudolph, who is a bit better than Burton, but not enough to make a move for him.

If you can get either for Conner, I’d jump on it immediately.