My Cooper and JStew for His Montgomery and DT

My RB: Freeman, Crowell, Hyde, Stewart, Rawls
My WR: Green, Cooper, TyHill, Britt, Parker, Hogan

I think that’s a pretty good trade for you.

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As a long time avid Bronco fan, I can tell you D.T is risky. Gets hurt, plays hurt (and it shows) drops balls he shouldn’t and then has 1 or 2 big plays. Just enough to keep us Den fans from totally freaking out over what we are paying him. He’s always good for 6-12 pts a game in standard scoring. I own Montgomery in all 3 of my leagues and love the guy. Defenses don’t tend to crowd the box on him with all those weapons outside. He obviously can catch as well. My only concern is his durability. If you make the trade strongly concerning cuffing with Jamaal Williams.

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P.S I would do it.

I appreciate the thought out response. With my other receivers, Green and Hill, I’d slide DT into flex from week to week. I agree as many touches as ty would get, I’d pick up Williams. I threw an offer of Cooper and Hyde to him to see if he’d bite on that then offer JStew