My draft in 12 team full point PPR

My team by round

  1. D Hopkins
  2. T Hill
  3. K Johnson
  4. B Cooks
  5. C Godwin
  6. D Henry
  7. M Sanders
  8. J White
  9. K Drake
  10. V McDonald
  11. T Williams
  12. A.J. Green
  13. Deion Jones (IDP)
  14. H. Butker(K)
  15. J Winston
  16. Cleveland

What do y’all think?

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Crazy high WR ranking… concerning RBs. I’d try to trade Henry for Carson.

I’d love to have Carson or Jones but got what I got… good RBS for the depth at WR though.

As long as they can bring in 10-15 a game I’m goof

Love the WR stable! If Sanders starts by Week 4, you’ll be hard to beat!

I figured I could hold onto some wins I might be able to buy time til the eagles realize what they have and hand him the rock.