My Draft - Rate Please

12 Team Standard. Thanks

Matt Ryan


Marvin Jones
Darius Slayton


Any advice. Thanks

Looks good. I would monitor your INDI situation here though. It’s going to be really hard to decide on one of those guys week to week. Might be better to get some good trade value for one of them. Just my opinion.

Appreciate it . Picked Taylor in the 5th and then Mack was there in the 10th so figured why not but you are right have to monitor.

Would you drop Mattison for Boston Scott as I have Sanders or maybe Chase Edmonds or let it be.

Mattison over Chase for me personally.

But where flipping a coin on back-ups here.

As for Scott is depends how confident you are in the eagles backfield. If your weary of sanders or don’t think he will be healthy much of the season I would try to trade him.

I don’t like taking back-ups to my starters. I’d rather have the chance of a back-up from another team playing and my starter who I drafted playing.

Thanks. Would you drop him for another WR or QB or just hang tight for now.

Your team is good. Only 2 players to maybe 3 players I’m less high on is marvin, mack and taylor.

This is just my opinion. But if your wanting to trade these are the players I would look to trade.

Thanks appreciate it.

Sounds like Sanders might not be ready for Week 1.

Not sure I would start Boston Scott week 1 but should I drop Mattison to pick up Scott ?

I would wait out dropping Mattison until Dalvin secures a deal. With CMC, Henry, and now Mixon all getting paid it will create an interesting situation for Dalvin. I know the new CBA should prevent holdouts but I feel like he and his agent might find some way to “hold out” by not actually holding out if that makes sense lol

Sounds good. Thanks.

As far as my team goes any changes that you might make ?