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My draft results in 14tm 1/2ppr, how'd I do?


14tm 1/2ppr draft results, how’d I do? Started with Lev Bell and Jordy as keepers. 14th pick in the 1st round

QB: Jameis
RB: Lev Bell
RB: Jacquizz
WR: Jordy
WR: Alshon
TE: Brate
FLEX: Keenan
K: Santos
DEF: Jags
BN: Thielen
BN: Jamaal Williams
BN: Derrick Henry
BN: John Brown
BN: Kamara


I like what you did with your bench. If one of those guys can pan out before week 4 (when Martin comes back) then you can slide him in and still be good. If they all continue to see backup minutes you may be in trouble. But I’m assuming most teams have at least one glaring issue. I like your WR (assuming Keenan can stay healthy). Solid team. If Winston balls out I think you are sitting in a decent position.


You are putting a lot on one of your bench RBs to step into a big role by week 4. If one of them has a big week early I may look to package something for a legit starter going forward. Possibly package Thielen or and Derrick Henry to the DeMarco owner if they have a starting RB they could part with?


I think Henry is going to end up as your RB2, and that could be a great thing.


Ive already been trying to think of possible moves down the road for this. I like that idea of pairing thielenn and henry though, Im guna have to start scouting out the other rosters.