My Dyansty team. Any areas to work on?

Standard league. 15 team. We are doing a rookie only draft. For that I have 1.2 2.2 3.2. so on. Thought about picking up second best RB as my first. Although with recent Winston news my 2.2 will def be a QB.

already talked about trying to cover 3 games with Mccown

We play


|Jameis Winston |QB|
|Josh McCown|QB|
|Leonard Fournette |RB|
|Jerick McKinnon|RB|
|Peyton Barber|RB|
|Rex Burkhead|RB|
|Corey Clement|RB|
|Matt Jones|RB|
|Keenan Allen|WR|
|Josh Gordon|WR|
|DeAndre Hopkins|WR|
|Ted Ginn Jr.|WR|
|Chris Godwin|WR|
|Willie Snead|WR|
|Mike Wallace|WR|
|Jimmy Graham|TE|
|Trey Burton|TE|
|Ricky Seals-Jones|TE|
|Ryan Succop|K|
|Matt Prater|K|
|Jacksonville Jaguars|ST|
|Chicago Bears|ST|


Looks pretty solid to me. I’d like a little better depth behind Fournette at RB, i think Clement, Barber and Burkhead will all contribute this year in some way and could be interesting next year. Really just insurance incase McKinnon is a bust or underperforms, i like him this year but i like him as my 3rd RB so not at his current cost. Maybe get someone to over value Gordon, as you have Allen and Hopkins you’re set with two WR1’s there, i’d try and deal for another RB if possible but overall solid team man!

I’d just say on QB, like the approach of waiting but because of Winston’s impending ban, you just have to watch the camp battle in NY just in case Darnold gets the start just get into the WW guys first and get the best stream for a few weeks, Dalton or Manning would be good if available.

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Thanks for the comments. Our league is deep so WW on RB’s is thin. I agree Id like another RB as backup. I can attempt to do a trade or try my luck at filling that RB spot with my first rookie draft pick.

again could be another bust but having
Guice or Penny added in there will def help.

And yes about QB. I can pick up a stream off WW but can’t do that until after week 1.

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You know i read through so fast i didn’t fully clock that there were no rookies! Yeah i’d see what falls to you in the rookie draft at RB and get someone in there behind the guys, are you picking fairly high up? High enough to get hold of Guice or Penny would be a good addition for sure.

I get pick 2.


pick 2 \ 17 \ 32

Awesome, i think I’d personally take Guice there unless by some miracle the guy picking at 1 is loaded at RB and would trade back for your 1 and 2 so you can get Barkley! Otherwise Guice is a good shout