My Edmunds for Ekeler? Who is better ROS?

Was offered Ekeler for Edmunds by the DJ owner. standard scoring

Seems like Edmunds is great short term, but Ekeler may have more value ROS?

Thanks is advance.

If you think DJ is coming back then I’d do it, but if you’re of the opinion he’s gonna be out a while I wouldn’t. I think both backs will split time if DJ returns soon but I think DJ is worse, health Wise than they are letting on.

If both are in a split eckler is proven to be able to still produce. I THINK Edmonds will too but it’s less safe in my opinion.

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Ah, the old upside vs consistency question. Considering I got Edmunds for nothing and don’t think I need to start him to win this week, it seems like I should make the trade. I think Ekeler’s got the better schedule ahead and they have the same bye week.

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