My final roster for my title run!

So I am currently sitting in 3rd place in my standard scoring league and I made some last minute trades and this is my final roster heading into the playoffs, want to know what you guys think my chances are of coming out on top… I’m currently 6-3

Matt Ryan
Andy Dalton

Wide Receivers
Julio Jones
AJ Green
Golden Gate
Corey Davis
Josh Gordon

Running backs
LeVeon Bell
Kareem Hunt
Doug Martin
Bilal Powell
Darren McFadden

Tight end
Evan Engram

LA Rams Defense

Chris Boswell

If Matt Ryan can pull his head out of his @$$ then you are set. If he does that, then you are all set. Best of luck.

Wow… What a nice team

QBs is prob your weakest

Julio AJ And tate are nice with an upside play of Corey Davis in the playoffs with a easy schedule.

Then RBs
Bell and hunt and hopefully Martin starts playing better.

And good TE.

If you see any upside players on the waivers.

You can drop Josh Gordon or Andy Dalton.

But overall looks good.


I would drop Dalton for another W/R/T on waivers just to hold adn then stream another QB if Ryan isn’t getting it done. I doubt anyone would pick Dalton up anyway. I dont think I would play Dalton against the Browns this year…